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Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum is an Oil and Gas Industry founded in 1974 headquartered in doha,Qatar.The main products in the companies are Liquified natural gas, petrochemicals,gas to liquids, Helium,fertilizers, steel and Aluminium.The company operates all activities of oil and gas manufacturing.

Qatar Petroleum is Qatar’s national petroleum company. Qatar Petroleum mainly focused on exploration, production, refining, transport, and storage. Qatar Petroleum connected with state development agencies, regulatory authorities, and policy making bodies. At present it is the third largest oil corporation in the world by oil and gas reserves. They operate in all major Oil and Gas markets worldwide. With the largest oil and gas market in the world and a supported approach to obtaining and provided that commands on all aspects of oil and gas, their focus is on improving the ways people hold with the industry, authorizing the innovation of prospects and opportunities that inspire personal and professional success. Qatar Petroleum has an advanced internal technical and commercial team to screen, evaluate and complete procurement.

Qatar Petroleum offers various Job vacancies to place your aptitude into action in oil and gas exploration and production, in progress and Marketing, and their chemical business. Qatar Petroleum works over the whole oil and gas sector, all the way through a system of completely in line organizations, with benefit that extend from investigation, creation, stockpiling, refining and dispersion, to the improvement of a wide-scope of petrochemical items.

Qatar Petroleum Jobs

Qatar petroleum career sections are Audit, Business administration, Commercial and Business Devolopment, Contracts and purchasing, Discipline Engineering, Drilling,Education,Facilities management, Finance management and so on..The company is looking for talented nationals for advancement and devolopment of the company.QP provide the best opportunity for all diciplines in careers.The company want diversity and excellence so that they hire nationals from all over the world.Company provides the best packages that include salary with free tax,full family accomodation allowance, medical and dental allowance,children Education allowance and many more.

Qatar Petroleum is an innovative and dynamic Company; their employees are at the heart of what they do. Qatar Petroleum is recognized as an employee friendly business. They trust that employees are the greatest assets to the organization. Qatar Petroleum supports their workers to provide their input and response to develop a responsive environment. If you are looking for a pleasing job in an organization with an advanced culture, Qatar Petroleum ready to hear from you.